5 Things That Nobody will Tell You About Planning a Sweet 16 Party

5 Things That Nobody will Tell You about Planning a Sweet 16 Party

SWEET 16 is a momentous event in a girl’s life. Lots of girls look forward to a special celebration on the day. It celebrates the turning of adulthood. So, many girls think about enjoying it to the fullest.

Most birthday parties are the same. Planning a Sweet 16 birthday party is a little different. Give the party the right fun and flair doing proper planning and arrangement.

Here’s a fantastic guide to throwing a super sweet 16 birthday party with Parties on Point that everyone will remember forever.

Fix Your Budget

Like every other event planning, the SWEET 16 birthday party also starts with a budget. Maybe you are planning for an extravagant birthday or a simple house party; know what you can afford for the day. From booking your place to hiring a Sweet 16 Party DJ, you need to assign a budget for every spending. Ask your parents about how much they can spend.

You can plan according to the budget, but don’t forget to ask them about the big decisions like who will be attending the party.

Decide Who to Call for the Event

The people you invite will set the mood of your Sweet 16 party. You are sure to ask your close friends. Don’t forget to add your childhood friends and neighbors that you get along.

You can keep the event close, inviting your close friends and family members only. Or, invite the entire class. Do not forget to prepare a list of people.

Choose a date and venue for the celebration.

Decide whether you want to celebrate the party on or before the birthday.  It can be challenging to hold a party on your birthday as it can be a workday or school day. Better plan it on the weekends before or after your birthday.

Pick a venue like a restaurant, a hall, or your house for the party. Make sure the location you choose is comfortable with everyone.

Pick a theme for the party, dress code, or decoration.

Personalize your Sweet 16 party with a unique theme. Choose a topic for decoration or select a dress code for everyone. Girls love dressing them up in themes. Make it more exciting for them taking inspiration from a movie, superhero character, or anything in between.

Get a Party DJ

If you want your celebration to stand-out, then you are going to hire a Sweet 16 Party DJ. It’s the music that makes a party alive. You need a professional Party DJ or Entertainment Service who will cater to all your 16th birthday party. Keep the party entertaining, fun-filled, and high at energy throughout the night.

A sweet 16 is no longer about having the best food or fanciest place. Today, Sweet 16 is all about having fun. So, don’t just stop for Party DJs. Bring more fun to the party with a photo booth, complete with props and souvenirs at the end.

Bottom Line

Your 16th birthday should be special, and there’s no better than planning in advance. With everything from budgeting to hiring Sweet 16 Party DJs, you can talk to experts at Parties on Point. Call or text Rick and Anthony 347-423-3156 or email to partiesonpointent@gmail.com.

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