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Questions You Need to Ask Your Professional WEDDING DJ in Brooklyn

Music is undoubtedly the best choice for ENTERTAINMENT. This makes hiring a DJ for your WEDDING, one of the most important things that need to be in your to-do list. So, it is crucial that you hire a WEDDING DJ in Brooklyn whose music can make everyone shake their legs on the dance floor. Also, you must ensure that your DJ has the capability of making you as well as your guests feel engaged in the celebration with the right choice of music.

While selecting a WEDDING DJ, there are a few things that need to be necessarily checked. Therefore, here we have listed a few questions that you should ask your WEDDING DJ before hiring him for your event.

Question 1 – What is the personality of your WEDDING DJ? 

Checking the personality and reputation of your WEDDING DJ in Brooklyn ensures that he can create a positive effect and aura with his persona. Also, with an engaging personality, your DJ will be able to communicate with your guests in a good way, making them comfortable.

The best way to find your prospective DJ’s personality is by setting up an interview and then determining how they communicate and behave with you.

Question 2: What is the condition of their equipment and quality of their service?

This is necessary to check out whether your WEDDING DJ is using the latest technology and equipment or not. Also, make sure to check the condition of the equipment. Through this, you can avoid any kind of embarrassment during your event.

Question 3: What is the size of their music collection?

It is very crucial for you to know how large a music library your DJ has. Ensure that he has a collection of all the latest songs to make the youngsters feel involved as well as the classic ones to make grandmas and grandpas enjoy. Also, ask for those numbers that you especially want to play on your big day.

Remember that there is a large number of WEDDING DJs in Brooklyn, but not all of them will have your desired type of playlist.

Question 4: What is their experience?

After all the initial interrogative questions, it is important that you ask for their experience. Knowing about their experience will tell you whether they know when to play the music and which type of song needs to be played.

The conclusion –

Parties on Point is one of the most famous names when it comes to WEDDING DJs in Brooklyn. We make sure to work closely with our clients, along with designing tailor-made solutions for your WEDDING’s ENTERTAINMENT needs.

Call or text Rick and Anthony 347-423-3156  or email to for details.

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Why You Need a WEDDING DJ for Your Cocktail Hours in NY

When it comes to WEDDING ENTERTAINMENT, most people look up for the cocktail hours for some enjoyable time. It can be considered as the soul of any WEDDING. Therefore, along with the reception party, you have to arrange the best ENTERTAINMENT for the cocktail hours too, where the WEDDING PARTY keeps going along with a floor packed with dancing people. But, how to make the cocktail hour ENTERTAINMENT more enjoyable?

WEDDING DJs in NY specialize in creating a unique atmosphere with their extensive collection of music tracks. They are the best entertainers to complement your WEDDING. Here we have listed a few points that can help you decide whether you should have a WEDDING DJ for your cocktail hour or not –

DJs set the mood for the WEDDING – 

While the decor is responsible for creating the perfect ambiance, music is considered essential for setting the mood and tone of the WEDDING. It binds the setup and the vibes together to create surreal surroundings. For this, it is necessary that you get a WEDDING DJ in NY and create an aura that is enjoyed by all.

DJs can offer an encompassing experience –

Nothing can be more enjoyable than dancing on your favorite track. Your cocktail hour is the perfect time when you can incorporate music into your WEDDING, to create a delightful environment. As people enjoy food and drinks, they shake a leg on their requested tracks. DJs make you as well as your guests fully involved in the celebration. For being exceedingly entertaining, DJs definitely get some brownie points!

DJs are flexible –

DJs can make adjustments according to the requirements, such as starting and stopping the music. They can also play desirable tracks when requested by the audience. And the best part is, in case something doesn’t go quite according to plan, then a DJ can help the WEDDING couple to take the attention away from the blunder. So, the flexibility of DJs makes them an integral and invaluable part of your cocktail hour.

DJs are affordable – 

The average WEDDING cost in New York is around $88,000. This can be reduced by hiring a WEDDING DJ for your cocktail hour, as they are quite affordable. Besides, the values DJs add to any WEDDING last longer than the additional cost. They make sure that your big day is an absolutely memorable event, with the perfect music and “on point” ENTERTAINMENT.

To Wrap Up,

At Parties on Point, we offer exquisite DJ service in New York. We have an extensive collection of trendy and classic music tracks that is perfect to be enjoyed by the youngsters as well as the old ones. We can help you create the atmosphere that you want for your WEDDING day with our top-notch ENTERTAINMENT.

Get in touch with us now to create a dream-like WEDDING in NY!

Call us on 347-423-3156 or 347-723-4886 and talk to us, or you can also email us on

sweet 16 dj in brooklyn

Know These Things before Booking A Sweet 16 DJ in Brooklyn

Every girl wants to have a Sweet 16 Party with a venue that is transformed into a nightclub with on-point Entertainment. Well, that is possible only when you get a great DJ for the night. The job of a Sweet 16 DJ is to make the party entertaining, fun, and high energy, and keep it exciting throughout.

At Parties on Point, we specialize in throwing and planning the best Sweet 16 parties in Brooklyn. Not only do we have excellent DJ service, we transform your place into an absolute nightclub, with the newest songs that the kids enjoy and classics that the adults love. We also offer awesome lighting effects and even some cool laser effects. We make sure that our events stand out from any other parties you have attended until now!

What a Sweet 16 DJ in Brooklyn does?

Earlier, a DJ used to just focus on having the latest music that can be played throughout the party. Having the best and latest songs is still a priority. However, it is also important to consider that there are some new trends, such as sound effects, laser light, grand entrances, and styles of music mixing, which can only be provided by the best Sweet 16 DJ in Brooklyn. Your DJ must be skilled and experienced in managing all these in order to throw a memorable party.

How to Book Your Sweet 16 DJ?

Sweet 16 Parties are not executed the same way any normal party is. It needs to be much more exciting and memorable since it comes just once in your life. Therefore, it is important that you have the best Sweet 16 DJ for your party.

If you are planning a Sweet 16 Party in Brooklyn, we recommend you to check out our website or have a talk with Rick/Anthony to go over your ideas and plans. We make sure to throw a party that is more like a nightclub event that is customized specifically for the Sweet 16 girl and valuable her guests.

At Parties on Point, we understand and execute your party’s Entertainment factor according to your request. In case you want it to be simple and subtle, then we tone it down; otherwise, we make sure to transform your place into a party hub.

To learn more about our Sweet 16 DJ Services, please call us at 347-423-3156 or 347-723-4886.

Things to Remember While Hiring the Best Party DJ in Brooklyn

Things to Remember While Hiring the Best Party DJ in Brooklyn

All of us must remember at least one great WEDDING or party we have attended. The food must be great with plenty of beverages, or an excellent venue with mesmerizing decorations. However, apart from all these, one of the most common factors that make the event memorable is the fantastic music!

So, if you are planning for a party in Brooklyn, then make sure to hire the best party DJ. A professional party DJ can add a new spark to your event and make it more memorable and enjoyable to your guests.

However, hiring a DJ for a party can sometimes be a daunting task. Therefore, here we have made a list of things that can help you get the best party DJ in Brooklyn.

Start your search online –

The first place for you to look when collecting information about party DJs in Brooklyn should be the internet. A quick web search can answer most of your queries about DJs and their business.

All you have to do is a quick search on Google. You can also use various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, as they are also excellent resources for locating DJs in Brooklyn.

Seek out for reviews on their websites for both positive as well as negative. Make sure to avoid DJs that lack professionalism.

Suggest your song list –

The selection of music depends on personal taste. You may not be sure of the kind of songs you want to play at your party. So, while hiring a party DJ in Brooklyn, remember to provide them with a list of suggested songs that you would love to hear in your event. This will help your DJ to understand your choices.

Also, make sure to ask them if they accept requests from attendees. Some DJs let the host decide whether or not to respond to the music requests from the guests; others strictly do not allow it.

Emcee –

If you’re looking for a DJ who can call out for the different announcements of your party, then search for ones who are willing to do so. Some DJs restrict themselves to just providing music for the dance floor, while others may find it interesting to direct the crowd’s attention whenever it is needed.

Technical issues –

When hiring a DJ, you must know everything about your party DJ in Brooklyn, along with the essential technical information. Ask them if they have all the equipment. Furthermore, you may ask if your DJ has a well-maintained backup for technical issues such as equipment failure or some other difficulty.

In a nutshell,

The best party DJ in Brooklyn, NY, can make any party memorable. When searching for a DJ, remember to have a look at the reviews online, emcee work and their technical requirements. Also, share your music suggestion with them, so that they understand your taste. Discussing these details in advance will make sure that you are preparing your guests for a tremendously fun event!

At Parties on Point, we make sure to work closely with our customers and execute their memorable party. If you need more information, call Rick and Anthony on 347-423-3156 or email on

Thank You

Thank you for contacting us. One of our representative will contact you soon.

Wedding DJ Brooklyn

The Biggest WEDDING Dilemma: DJ or Band?

WEDDINGS are an integral part of everyone’s life. We all try to keep every element of the WEDDING “on-point.” Entertainment is one of the most important aspects of any WEDDING, as it can either make your WEDDING or break it. So, while searching for the best entertainment, there are a few significant decisions that the couple has to take. One of these dilemmas is whether they should go for a WEDDING DJ or a live band.

Here we have listed a few things to help couples, who are planning for a WEDDING in Brooklyn, make the best decision when it comes to entertainment –

A DJ has access to unlimited music –

When it comes to managing the entertainment of a WEDDING, a professional DJ can do it for you. A good WEDDING DJ in Brooklyn will be able to read your crowd and understand what they want to hear. The DJ will make sure to play the best songs that suit the atmosphere and theme of the WEDDING.

Also, unlike bands, they have an extensive collection of music that will make no guest feel left out, and everyone can have a great time at the WEDDING.

Hiring a DJ saves money –

In the price war, DJs generally cost less compared to bands. However, it is also important to remember that the prices may vary depending on equipment requests and other factors. Since getting a DJ has an enormous impact on the entertainment of the WEDDING, ensure you make some room for it in your WEDDING budget.

A DJ often serves as emcee –

An experienced WEDDING DJ in Brooklyn can be a great help for couples as they often serve as an emcee in events. They keep the entertainment factor on point by welcoming the guest making announcements on the dance floor, asking for song choices, and keeping the party moving smoothly. They will make sure to read the crowd and interact with them.

DJ set the vibe of the WEDDING –

WEDDING DJs have a charismatic stage presence that helps to set the mood and vibe of the event. This also makes the event more exotic, and people of all age groups enjoy the WEDDING.

In a nutshell,

Making everyone feel special and involved in the WEDDING is a critical factor. By hiring the best and professional WEDDING DJ in Brooklyn can help you end all your worries and hassle.

At Parties on Point, we offer tailor-made DJ service and will work closely with you to understand all your requirements for your WEDDING entertainment. We guarantee you to deliver a memorable experience.

To hire us for your WEDDING DJ in Brooklyn, call or text, Rick and Anthony 347-423-3156, or email to for any inquiries.

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Things to Know While Hiring the Best Sweet 16 DJ Service in Queens

While planning a Sweet 16 celebration, we often ask ourselves, what makes the best Sweet 16 Party? After a lot of research, we have concluded an answer to this question.

A Sweet 16 Party is no longer just about having a fancy place or the best food. It is much more than that. At present, what Sweet 16 girls want is to transform their venue into a nightclub with on-point Entertainment. And this is absolutely impossible without getting the best DJ. So, if you are in Queens or nearby areas, contact Parties on Point as they are the best Sweet 16 DJ in Queens.

Best Sweet 16 DJ Service in Queens – 

A DJ can infuse and increase the Entertainment element of your Sweet 16 Party. Also, a good DJ company will make sure that everyone enjoys the celebration, and the energy is high throughout the night.

At Parties on Point, we are specialized in throwing the absolute best Sweet 16 Parties in Queens. Along with spot-on DJ Entertainment, we also offer other services such as photography and much more. We make sure that our events stand out from others by making sure that everyone enjoys your party to the fullest. We also offer MC services that can help you organize your party, speaking to your family, and coordinate the event venue.

Instructions for your Sweet 16 DJ in Queens – 

A DJ can make your party a big hit or else make it a big fail. There are a few things that you should instruct your Sweet 16 DJ in Queens, before the big celebration –

  • Ask your DJ to have all the latest songs. Having the latest music is always everyone’s top priority.
  • Ask your DJ to get their hands on music collection that includes MTV music video mixing, sound effects, etc.
  • Instruct them to ask the guest for requested songs, so that they can connect to the audience.
  • Ask your DJ to gather information about various music genres, so that they can offer variations while playing music.

Booking Your Sweet 16 DJ in Queens

Parties on Point is one of the top names in the Sweet 16 Party business in Queens. We know what the value of making a young girl’s dream become a reality is.

Parties on Point can keep your party’s Entertainment factor according to your request. If you want it to be subtle, then we will make sure that it is toned down; otherwise, we can transform your party venue into a nightclub.

For over 15 years, we have been helping young girls in Queens to create a memorable night. Along with all these, we offer awesome lighting effects with laser effects, in case you like them.

So, whatever you need to make your party a memorable night – we are here to help. Call us on 347-423-3156 or 347-723-4886. You can also email us on


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Why You Need a Great DJ for Your WEDDING

Why You Need a Great DJ for Your WEDDING?

Every couple wants to have a perfect WEDDING. From the WEDDING dress to the decoration, from flowers to cake, everything has to be perfect. However, it can sometimes be a tricky affair when it comes to planning your WEDDING entertainment, as nobody wants to make their guests feel bored. Right?

Why are DJs the best source of entertainment at a WEDDING?

When it comes to getting married in Queens, New York, you can find excellent DJs that are much less expensive compared to any other source of entertainment. Only a few of the Queens WEDDING DJs go out of their way and create playlists that are personal to you and best of your choice.

An experienced and skilled DJ, like Parties on Point, tries to know you, your taste of music, your personalities, and everything else, to understand what you want for your WEDDING. Also, DJs are more likely to be flexible when it is about the playlist and be able to take audience requests.

Things to consider while picking a DJ –

While hiring a Queens WEDDING DJ, make sure that your DJ has a broad knowledge of music – musical genres, songs, bands, and much more.

DJs also need to have a likable and friendly personality, so that they can easily relate to the WEDDING couple, and make them feel excited. The DJ needs to let the couple feel the top of the world while also helping them pick a playlist that works the best. And the most important amongst all is, your DJ should have the ability to draw in crowds and make the guest dance and have an enjoyable time together.

Other than that, there are a few other things you should keep in mind before you pick a Queens WEDDING DJ

  • The age range of your guests – select a DJ who will be able to satisfy everyone’s musical tastes.
  • Collect information about your DJ – it is vital that you know your DJ, just like how they try to know you.
  • Advance booking – Book your WEDDING DJ at least 3 months prior to your event.

It is also essential that you give most of your shareable information to your DJ. This will help them curate the best playlist for your WEDDING. Here we have made a list of some of the essential information that you should ensure your Queens WEDDING DJ knows –

  • the time to play the important songs such as introductions or special dances.
  • pronunciation of your names,
  • the reason behind choosing your song,
  • the songs that you do not want to be played,
  •  if you want your DJ to MC or just play the songs, and
  • your tolerance in terms of volume as well as the language used.

Keeping everyone involved in your event and having a great time on your WEDDING day is one of the best feelings. Hiring a professional Queens WEDDING DJ can help you end all your worries when it comes to entertainment.

At Parties on Point, we work closely with you to make your dream-like WEDDING into a reality. We ensure to satisfy all your WEDDING and entertainment needs.

Call Rick and Anthony on 347-423-3156 or email on for queries.

Holiday Events

Parties on Point Entertainment knows that the Holiday Season is a special time the year. It is a time to spend with family and friends. A time to reflect and a time to have fun. A Holiday party is a great way to celebrate this magical time of the year. Parties on Point entertainment will be happy to provide your Holiday event with some of the best entertainment you will find.

Whether it be a family Holiday party or a Corporate Holiday party, you can rest assured Parties on Point will make sure the party is On Point.

Special-Occasion-1 Holiday Events
Special-Occasion-or-Sweet-16 Holiday Events

Parties on Points DJ’S will play Holiday music and hits from all genres. Holiday Party DJ’s will play a special mix of your favorite Holiday songs. The Parties on Point music library contains a wide variety of music including, R&B, Hip Hop,70’s Dance Classics, Motown, Rock and Roll, Disco, 80′s, 90’s, Big Band, Swing and more.  Parties on Point DJ’s have music to fit all musical tastes. We will play a combination of special Holiday songs with dance music for your guests to enjoy.

Parties on Point will M.C. your event and keep it flowing smoothly throughout the evening. Your Holiday DJ will make all announcements throughout the night. We will also provide a wireless microphone for speeches and toasts so your guests will not miss a single word.

Parties on Point will keep your guests entertained and in the Holiday Spirit. Our Holiday DJ’s will interact with your guys to keep them on the dance floor and play a great mix of music to keep them dancing.

Parties on Point Entertainment will make sure your Holiday event whatever Holiday it is will be Fun, Exciting and Memorable for everyone in attendance.

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Special-Occasion-up2 Holiday Events
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You can immediately determine if we are available on your special date. Simply provide us the following information!