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The Biggest WEDDING Dilemma: DJ or Band?

WEDDINGS are an integral part of everyone’s life. We all try to keep every element of the WEDDING “on-point.” Entertainment is one of the most important aspects of any WEDDING, as it can either make your WEDDING or break it. So, while searching for the best entertainment, there are a few significant decisions that the couple has to take. One of these dilemmas is whether they should go for a WEDDING DJ or a live band.

Here we have listed a few things to help couples, who are planning for a WEDDING in Brooklyn, make the best decision when it comes to entertainment –

A DJ has access to unlimited music –

When it comes to managing the entertainment of a WEDDING, a professional DJ can do it for you. A good WEDDING DJ in Brooklyn will be able to read your crowd and understand what they want to hear. The DJ will make sure to play the best songs that suit the atmosphere and theme of the WEDDING.

Also, unlike bands, they have an extensive collection of music that will make no guest feel left out, and everyone can have a great time at the WEDDING.

Hiring a DJ saves money –

In the price war, DJs generally cost less compared to bands. However, it is also important to remember that the prices may vary depending on equipment requests and other factors. Since getting a DJ has an enormous impact on the entertainment of the WEDDING, ensure you make some room for it in your WEDDING budget.

A DJ often serves as emcee –

An experienced WEDDING DJ in Brooklyn can be a great help for couples as they often serve as an emcee in events. They keep the entertainment factor on point by welcoming the guest making announcements on the dance floor, asking for song choices, and keeping the party moving smoothly. They will make sure to read the crowd and interact with them.

DJ set the vibe of the WEDDING –

WEDDING DJs have a charismatic stage presence that helps to set the mood and vibe of the event. This also makes the event more exotic, and people of all age groups enjoy the WEDDING.

In a nutshell,

Making everyone feel special and involved in the WEDDING is a critical factor. By hiring the best and professional WEDDING DJ in Brooklyn can help you end all your worries and hassle.

At Parties on Point, we offer tailor-made DJ service and will work closely with you to understand all your requirements for your WEDDING entertainment. We guarantee you to deliver a memorable experience.

To hire us for your WEDDING DJ in Brooklyn, call or text, Rick and Anthony 347-423-3156, or email to for any inquiries.

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Things to Know While Hiring the Best Sweet 16 DJ Service in Queens

While planning a Sweet 16 celebration, we often ask ourselves, what makes the best Sweet 16 Party? After a lot of research, we have concluded an answer to this question.

A Sweet 16 Party is no longer just about having a fancy place or the best food. It is much more than that. At present, what Sweet 16 girls want is to transform their venue into a nightclub with on-point Entertainment. And this is absolutely impossible without getting the best DJ. So, if you are in Queens or nearby areas, contact Parties on Point as they are the best Sweet 16 DJ in Queens.

Best Sweet 16 DJ Service in Queens – 

A DJ can infuse and increase the Entertainment element of your Sweet 16 Party. Also, a good DJ company will make sure that everyone enjoys the celebration, and the energy is high throughout the night.

At Parties on Point, we are specialized in throwing the absolute best Sweet 16 Parties in Queens. Along with spot-on DJ Entertainment, we also offer other services such as photography and much more. We make sure that our events stand out from others by making sure that everyone enjoys your party to the fullest. We also offer MC services that can help you organize your party, speaking to your family, and coordinate the event venue.

Instructions for your Sweet 16 DJ in Queens – 

A DJ can make your party a big hit or else make it a big fail. There are a few things that you should instruct your Sweet 16 DJ in Queens, before the big celebration –

  • Ask your DJ to have all the latest songs. Having the latest music is always everyone’s top priority.
  • Ask your DJ to get their hands on music collection that includes MTV music video mixing, sound effects, etc.
  • Instruct them to ask the guest for requested songs, so that they can connect to the audience.
  • Ask your DJ to gather information about various music genres, so that they can offer variations while playing music.

Booking Your Sweet 16 DJ in Queens

Parties on Point is one of the top names in the Sweet 16 Party business in Queens. We know what the value of making a young girl’s dream become a reality is.

Parties on Point can keep your party’s Entertainment factor according to your request. If you want it to be subtle, then we will make sure that it is toned down; otherwise, we can transform your party venue into a nightclub.

For over 15 years, we have been helping young girls in Queens to create a memorable night. Along with all these, we offer awesome lighting effects with laser effects, in case you like them.

So, whatever you need to make your party a memorable night – we are here to help. Call us on 347-423-3156 or 347-723-4886. You can also email us on

Why You Need a Great DJ for Your WEDDING

Why You Need a Great DJ for Your WEDDING?

Every couple wants to have a perfect WEDDING. From the WEDDING dress to the decoration, from flowers to cake, everything has to be perfect. However, it can sometimes be a tricky affair when it comes to planning your WEDDING entertainment, as nobody wants to make their guests feel bored. Right?

Why are DJs the best source of entertainment at a WEDDING?

When it comes to getting married in Queens, New York, you can find excellent DJs that are much less expensive compared to any other source of entertainment. Only a few of the Queens WEDDING DJs go out of their way and create playlists that are personal to you and best of your choice.

An experienced and skilled DJ, like Parties on Point, tries to know you, your taste of music, your personalities, and everything else, to understand what you want for your WEDDING. Also, DJs are more likely to be flexible when it is about the playlist and be able to take audience requests.

Things to consider while picking a DJ –

While hiring a Queens WEDDING DJ, make sure that your DJ has a broad knowledge of music – musical genres, songs, bands, and much more.

DJs also need to have a likable and friendly personality, so that they can easily relate to the WEDDING couple, and make them feel excited. The DJ needs to let the couple feel the top of the world while also helping them pick a playlist that works the best. And the most important amongst all is, your DJ should have the ability to draw in crowds and make the guest dance and have an enjoyable time together.

Other than that, there are a few other things you should keep in mind before you pick a Queens WEDDING DJ

  • The age range of your guests – select a DJ who will be able to satisfy everyone’s musical tastes.
  • Collect information about your DJ – it is vital that you know your DJ, just like how they try to know you.
  • Advance booking – Book your WEDDING DJ at least 3 months prior to your event.

It is also essential that you give most of your shareable information to your DJ. This will help them curate the best playlist for your WEDDING. Here we have made a list of some of the essential information that you should ensure your Queens WEDDING DJ knows –

  • the time to play the important songs such as introductions or special dances.
  • pronunciation of your names,
  • the reason behind choosing your song,
  • the songs that you do not want to be played,
  •  if you want your DJ to MC or just play the songs, and
  • your tolerance in terms of volume as well as the language used.

Keeping everyone involved in your event and having a great time on your WEDDING day is one of the best feelings. Hiring a professional Queens WEDDING DJ can help you end all your worries when it comes to entertainment.

At Parties on Point, we work closely with you to make your dream-like WEDDING into a reality. We ensure to satisfy all your WEDDING and entertainment needs.

Call Rick and Anthony on 347-423-3156 or email on for queries.

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Hiring a Professional WEDDING DJ Vs. A Friend with a Playlist – Which one is right for you?

Your Wedding is one of the most important events in your life. It is sacred and symbolic; It’s a day that signals the beginning of a life long union . This is why couples spend tons of money on putting together the perfect Wedding. But how much money is essential in having an awesome Wedding? Couples, Please think and spend on things that matter.

Your entertainment will make or break your Wedding.

One service that couples may think it is ok to save on is WEDDING DJ. A professional DJ provides all the correct music and entertainment for the event.

While having a friend with a pre-finalized list may seem more economical. It may be a lot of work on your end, putting together the list, getting them to know when to play what song and more.

There are a couple of reasons that may interest you to go with a pro!

  • A great DJ will serve as an emcee

An experienced WEDDING DJ is a great help for couples. They will serve as the emcee of the event, make announcements on the dance floor at the right time and keep the party moving smoothly. They will welcome all guests and keep tabs on the crowd. Reading the crowd and knowing how to interact is one of the Top reasons to hire a WEDDING DJ instead of a friend. Any complaints are addressed quickly, and your WEDDING DJ will make sure everyone is having a good time throughout the night.

  •  Access to unlimited music

A professional WEDDING DJ can manage music and entertainment at your event. As a professional WEDDING DJ, they will read your crowd and play the best songs based on the atmosphere and theme. With the selection of music they have, no one is going to feel left out or bored. Everyone will have a great time at your wedding.

  • Comes with a high-quality sound system

When you hire a WEDDING DJ, your event goes without any hitch. The WEDDING DJ will come prepared for your event with the best sound system, speakers, and backup equipment. An amateur may fail in providing the best music experience without good-quality speakers, mic, and sound system. You may end up with a horrible experience. Better opt for someone reliable and safe; after all, a Wedding is one of the most significant events in anyone’s life.

  • Hiring DJ saves your money

Hiring a WEDDING DJ is not as expensive as you may think. It may cost you very little compared to the entire spending on your WEDDING. However, the impact is enormous, so be sure to make room for this in your budget. Not everyone will talk about flowers and food. They will talk about how much their feet hurt from dancing.

  • Trusted and reliable services

Maintaining a professional image is one of the unique features of a WEDDING DJ. They will come dressed professional and interact with you and your guests in a kind, professional manner. On the other side, a friend with a playlist may appear casual and cannot get recognized in the crowd. They don’t have to represent themselves or their company they are working in.

Keeping everything feeling involved and having a great time is one of the best feelings on your WEDDING DAY. By hiring a professional WEDDING DJ, you will end all your worries. At Parties on Point, we will work closely with you to make a tailor-made solution for your WEDDING and entertainment needs. We ensure you have the best experience hiring us for your WEDDING DJ in Brooklyn, Queens and more.

Call or text Rick and Anthony 347-423-3156 or email to for any inquiries.

5 Things That Nobody will Tell You about Planning a Sweet 16 Party

5 Things That Nobody will Tell You About Planning a Sweet 16 Party

SWEET 16 is a momentous event in a girl’s life. Lots of girls look forward to a special celebration on the day. It celebrates the turning of adulthood. So, many girls think about enjoying it to the fullest.

Most birthday parties are the same. Planning a Sweet 16 birthday party is a little different. Give the party the right fun and flair doing proper planning and arrangement.

Here’s a fantastic guide to throwing a super sweet 16 birthday party with Parties on Point that everyone will remember forever.

Fix Your Budget

Like every other event planning, the SWEET 16 birthday party also starts with a budget. Maybe you are planning for an extravagant birthday or a simple house party; know what you can afford for the day. From booking your place to hiring a Sweet 16 Party DJ, you need to assign a budget for every spending. Ask your parents about how much they can spend.

You can plan according to the budget, but don’t forget to ask them about the big decisions like who will be attending the party.

Decide Who to Call for the Event

The people you invite will set the mood of your Sweet 16 party. You are sure to ask your close friends. Don’t forget to add your childhood friends and neighbors that you get along.

You can keep the event close, inviting your close friends and family members only. Or, invite the entire class. Do not forget to prepare a list of people.

Choose a date and venue for the celebration.

Decide whether you want to celebrate the party on or before the birthday.  It can be challenging to hold a party on your birthday as it can be a workday or school day. Better plan it on the weekends before or after your birthday.

Pick a venue like a restaurant, a hall, or your house for the party. Make sure the location you choose is comfortable with everyone.

Pick a theme for the party, dress code, or decoration.

Personalize your Sweet 16 party with a unique theme. Choose a topic for decoration or select a dress code for everyone. Girls love dressing them up in themes. Make it more exciting for them taking inspiration from a movie, superhero character, or anything in between.

Get a Party DJ

If you want your celebration to stand-out, then you are going to hire a Sweet 16 Party DJ. It’s the music that makes a party alive. You need a professional Party DJ or Entertainment Service who will cater to all your 16th birthday party. Keep the party entertaining, fun-filled, and high at energy throughout the night.

A sweet 16 is no longer about having the best food or fanciest place. Today, Sweet 16 is all about having fun. So, don’t just stop for Party DJs. Bring more fun to the party with a photo booth, complete with props and souvenirs at the end.

Bottom Line

Your 16th birthday should be special, and there’s no better than planning in advance. With everything from budgeting to hiring Sweet 16 Party DJs, you can talk to experts at Parties on Point. Call or text Rick and Anthony 347-423-3156 or email to