You can immediately determine if we are available on your special date. Simply provide us the following information!

Special Occasions call for Special Entertainment

Whether you are planning on having a small intimate party for 50 guests or a Wedding for over 300 people you can be sure hiring parties on point entertainment is the best way to make sure It is an unforgettable event.

We have been making parties of all types a non-stop dance party for over 15 years. BUT, We also understand that some events are just laid back with a chill vibe for people to just hang out and we can do that also.

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Knowing how to read your crowd and what to play and when to play It is a crucial part of any event. Knowing when to crank up the volume and when to keep It low for guest to talk is something we have learned over our years of entertainment.

Your event and reason to have a party is special to you and It is also special to us.

We have one of the most extensive song collections in the business and that helps us to make sure we can perform at any type of event.

We have been the entertainment at some of the best events including but not limited to Christenings, Communions, Conformations, Fraternity parties,Fraternal Parties, 40th Birthday parties, 50th Birthday parties, Engagement parties, Anniversary parties, Holiday Parties, Corporate parties, Proms, Graduations, Dinner parties, End of term parties, Retirement parties and More.

So Please consider us for your next event we can just about GUARANTEE you will not be disappointed and will call us back for the next event.

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