Why You Need a Great DJ for Your WEDDING

Why You Need a Great DJ for Your WEDDING?

Every couple wants to have a perfect WEDDING. From the WEDDING dress to the decoration, from flowers to cake, everything has to be perfect. However, it can sometimes be a tricky affair when it comes to planning your WEDDING entertainment, as nobody wants to make their guests feel bored. Right?

Why are DJs the best source of entertainment at a WEDDING?

When it comes to getting married in Queens, New York, you can find excellent DJs that are much less expensive compared to any other source of entertainment. Only a few of the Queens WEDDING DJs go out of their way and create playlists that are personal to you and best of your choice.

An experienced and skilled DJ, like Parties on Point, tries to know you, your taste of music, your personalities, and everything else, to understand what you want for your WEDDING. Also, DJs are more likely to be flexible when it is about the playlist and be able to take audience requests.

Things to consider while picking a DJ –

While hiring a Queens WEDDING DJ, make sure that your DJ has a broad knowledge of music – musical genres, songs, bands, and much more.

DJs also need to have a likable and friendly personality, so that they can easily relate to the WEDDING couple, and make them feel excited. The DJ needs to let the couple feel the top of the world while also helping them pick a playlist that works the best. And the most important amongst all is, your DJ should have the ability to draw in crowds and make the guest dance and have an enjoyable time together.

Other than that, there are a few other things you should keep in mind before you pick a Queens WEDDING DJ

  • The age range of your guests – select a DJ who will be able to satisfy everyone’s musical tastes.
  • Collect information about your DJ – it is vital that you know your DJ, just like how they try to know you.
  • Advance booking – Book your WEDDING DJ at least 3 months prior to your event.

It is also essential that you give most of your shareable information to your DJ. This will help them curate the best playlist for your WEDDING. Here we have made a list of some of the essential information that you should ensure your Queens WEDDING DJ knows –

  • the time to play the important songs such as introductions or special dances.
  • pronunciation of your names,
  • the reason behind choosing your song,
  • the songs that you do not want to be played,
  •  if you want your DJ to MC or just play the songs, and
  • your tolerance in terms of volume as well as the language used.

Keeping everyone involved in your event and having a great time on your WEDDING day is one of the best feelings. Hiring a professional Queens WEDDING DJ can help you end all your worries when it comes to entertainment.

At Parties on Point, we work closely with you to make your dream-like WEDDING into a reality. We ensure to satisfy all your WEDDING and entertainment needs.

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