The Biggest WEDDING Dilemma: DJ or Band?

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WEDDINGS are an integral part of everyone’s life. We all try to keep every element of the WEDDING “on-point.” Entertainment is one of the most important aspects of any WEDDING, as it can either make your WEDDING or break it. So, while searching for the best entertainment, there are a few significant decisions that the couple has to take. One of these dilemmas is whether they should go for a WEDDING DJ or a live band.

Here we have listed a few things to help couples, who are planning for a WEDDING in Brooklyn, make the best decision when it comes to entertainment –

A DJ has access to unlimited music –

When it comes to managing the entertainment of a WEDDING, a professional DJ can do it for you. A good WEDDING DJ in Brooklyn will be able to read your crowd and understand what they want to hear. The DJ will make sure to play the best songs that suit the atmosphere and theme of the WEDDING.

Also, unlike bands, they have an extensive collection of music that will make no guest feel left out, and everyone can have a great time at the WEDDING.

Hiring a DJ saves money –

In the price war, DJs generally cost less compared to bands. However, it is also important to remember that the prices may vary depending on equipment requests and other factors. Since getting a DJ has an enormous impact on the entertainment of the WEDDING, ensure you make some room for it in your WEDDING budget.

A DJ often serves as emcee –

An experienced WEDDING DJ in Brooklyn can be a great help for couples as they often serve as an emcee in events. They keep the entertainment factor on point by welcoming the guest making announcements on the dance floor, asking for song choices, and keeping the party moving smoothly. They will make sure to read the crowd and interact with them.

DJ set the vibe of the WEDDING –

WEDDING DJs have a charismatic stage presence that helps to set the mood and vibe of the event. This also makes the event more exotic, and people of all age groups enjoy the WEDDING.

In a nutshell,

Making everyone feel special and involved in the WEDDING is a critical factor. By hiring the best and professional WEDDING DJ in Brooklyn can help you end all your worries and hassle.

At Parties on Point, we offer tailor-made DJ service and will work closely with you to understand all your requirements for your WEDDING entertainment. We guarantee you to deliver a memorable experience.

To hire us for your WEDDING DJ in Brooklyn, call or text, Rick and Anthony 347-423-3156, or email to for any inquiries.

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